Library Materials Delivery Service

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Library Materials Delivery Service Procedures

The Library Materials Delivery Service is restricted to Distance Learning students and faculty that meet certain criteria. The following procedures apply to this service:

  1. The Library Materials Delivery Service is operated by the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Office of the STC Library. It provides Distance Learning students and faculty with access to library materials such as books and articles. ILL staff will arrange for delivery of books and articles by appropriate means (e-mail, mail, or fax).
  2. To qualify for this service, students and faculty must be currently enrolled in or teaching a Distance Learning course. For book delivery, qualified individuals must live outside of Hidalgo and Starr County, but within the United States.
  3. Books from the STC collection sent to individuals will be granted an extended check-out period of 4 weeks. Books borrowed from another library on behalf of an individual will vary depending on the loan period granted by the owning library.
  4. ILL staff will ship materials to qualified students and faculty at no cost to the individual. The individual pays shipping costs to return materials to the STC Library. Purchase of package insurance is highly recommended. Package insurance for a value of $150 per item is sufficient for most items.
  5. Cost for lost or damaged books is the responsibility of the individual and service privileges will be revoked until all overdue and lost item fees are paid in accordance with STC Board policy.
  6. Reserve books and books available electronically through STC Library databases may not be requested.