READ! – Dr. Ali Esmaeili recommends…

The South Texas College Library is proud to debut our second series of READ Posters.

This week we are featuring Dr. Ali Esmaeili and his book recommendations.  Dr. Esmaeili serve’s the college as Dean of Bachelor Programs, Interim Division Dean of Math and Science, and Interim Division Dean for Developmental Studies.  He has been working at South Texas College since 1990 where he started as a Mathematics Instructor.

We are proud to have a selection of books that Dr. Esmaeili recommends for everyone to read. Check out his selections below!


The Math Book by Clifford Pickover

The Man of Numbers: Fibonacci’s Arithmetic Revolution by Keith Devlin

A Beautiful Mind by Silvia Nasar

The Discoveries: Great Breakthroughs in 20th Century Science by Alan Lightman

The Golden Ratio: The Story of Phi by Mario Livio

The Man Who Knew Infinity by Robert Kanigel

Poet and Mystic: Rumi by Jalal al-Din Rumi