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Films on Demand

Database Spotlight

Have you checked out Films on Demand  yet? At Films On Demand, content matters. Their video library has been assembled not just with a focus on volume, but also with a discerning eye for quality and relevance. It is the result of decades of careful curating with a single guiding principle: providing every academic department on campus with the most essential video titles for their field of study. We have access to a huge collection of films and documentaries, ranging from publishers like HBO, Arte France, CNBC, PBS, and The History Channel. You can browse the collection by subject, recently added, video type (i.e. Documentary, feature film, animation, newsreel), original language, and features of the month.

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How can you use Films on Demand

  • Find inspiration and material for research papers and presentations
  • Captioning and interactive, searchable transcripts on all titles
  • Keyword tags for all content, linking to related material
  • Follow up on a clip used by a professor in class and watch the rest of the video
  • Get citations for all videos in MLA, Chicago, Harvard, and APA formats, with up-to-date citation creation and export
  • View videos anywhere, 24/7

You can access Films on Demandfrom his blog post or from our Databases page.
*Please note: to access databases off campus, you will need to enter your STC username and password.

Contributed by Library Specialist William Heinrich.


A pilot program of easy-to-use popular magazines in digital / electronic format. Use a computer or mobile app to read the magazine without worrying about someone already reading it – STC students, faculty and staff have unlimited access. The magazines are readable on a computer or downloaded with a mobile app. For more assistance, please view Flipster’s tutorial.

Don’t have your favorite magazine? Suggest a title here!

Browse the full collection of magazine titles

New Database: Alexander Street Press: Stanford Executive Briefing Series

Alexander Street Press

The Library has added Alexander Street Press’ Stanford Executive Briefing Series: Thought Leaders collection of online videos.  Alexander Street Press is an online service that provides educational videos in streaming video format. The Stanford Executive Briefing Series: Thought Leaders collection consists of 20 lectures by corporate executives and scholars on leadership and business management topics.

Searching and viewing Alexander Street Press Stanford Executive Briefing Series videos does not require creating an account. However, by creating an account, users can create folders with playlists, share video segments by e-mail, or post video segments to online course management programs like Blackboard. The Stanford Executive Briefing Series collectioncan be accessed by selecting Alexander Street PressStanford Executive Briefing Series from the Library’s Databases page at

Contributed by Jesús Campos, Director of Technical Services.

Who Knew? Searching Google Scholar

Did you know you can search for journal articles from our TexShare Databases in Google Scholar? From Google Scholar, click on Settings as shown below.


Next, click on Library links on the left which will bring up a search box. Type South Texas College and search to bring up the below options. Check: Open WorldCat and South Texas College, and Save.


In Google Scholar, search your keywords, for example, “adhesive capsulitis” “mobilization techniques”, will bring up the below results. To see the article from our databases, click on the Texshare EBSCOhost link. To find more articles on the same topic, click on Related articles. To see the article citation in several formats, click on Cite.



Additionally, students of Paralegal Studies can find case law in Google Scholar by clicking on the case law option found below the search box on the initial Google Scholar search page, in the top illustration.

Contributed by Librarian, Maureen Mitchell


New Database: JoVE: General Laboratory Techniques

JoVE database

The STC Library has added JoVE’s General Laboratory Techniques streaming video collection to its research databases. The General Laboratory Techniques collection was created by JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments), a PubMed/MEDLINE-indexed, peer reviewed, scientific video journal that intends to make it easier to learn and reproduce scientific techniques by viewing them.

The JoVE General Laboratory Techniques collectioncan be accessed by selecting JoVE from the Library’s Online Library page at

Contributed by Jesús Campos, Director of Technical Services.

New Database: Latino-Hispanic American Experience: Leaders, Writers, and Thinkers


The Library has acquired the Latino-Hispanic American Experience: Leaders, Writers, and Thinkers digital collection. This EBSCO digital resource is the second series of the Arte Público Hispanic Historical Collection and consists of newspapers, letters, advertisements, and other primary source documents covering Latino-Hispanic civil rights, religion, and women’s rights.

Latino-Hispanic American Experience: Leaders, Writers, and Thinkers can be accessed from the Library’s Online Library page at

Contributed by Jesús Campos, Director of Technical Services.

Who Knew? Smart Text Searching in Academic Search Complete

Do you have a quote from a database article, but forgot to note your source?  There is a way to find it!

For example, to find the following highlighted quote found in Academic Search Complete, copy the quote:

Today, Travel & Tourism accounts for some 9.2 percent of our nation’s GDP … That’s worth almost $1.4 trillion dollars … And it provides nearly 14 million jobs. That’s practically 10 percent, or 1 out of every 10 jobs in the United States of America.

Next open Academic Search Complete, and choose “Smart Text Searching” located underneath the ”Search Mode” option.  Additionally, check off the box “Also search within the full text of the articles.”

Now paste the quote into the search box as shown below and search!..


After executing the search, the first article in the list of results is where the quote is found.


Contributed by librarian Maureen Mitchell.

Who Knew? WestlawNext Campus Research

Looking for a Hoover Company Profile or SEC financial statement, the library has just what you need in the database, WestlawNext Campus Research. Once you are in the database, click on the news link:


In the next window, click on Hoover’s Company Profiles to bring up the link you will need to follow.

On the left side under Search These Sources, to see a Company Profile, click on Hoover’s Company Profiles or to see a SEC financial statement, click on SEC Filings. After clicking, search the company to bring up the desired information.

Submitted by librarian Maureen Mitchell.

Who Knew? Gale Literary Database

Need to pick an author for a report but don’t know where to start? Gale Literary Database(link), found under Contemporary Authors, is a great way for students who have an idea but need help narrowing down their choices.

A useful feature in Gale Literary Database is the “Dictionary of Literary Biography.”  It allows users to find authors by browsing:

  • genre
  • topic
  • age
  • nationality


Contributed by Gina Otvos, Library Specialist.

Who Knew? Hobbies and Crafts Reference Center – Gaming

Fellow gamers!

Interested in reading about the newest games from the most popular Video Game publications around like Electronic Gaming Monthly or Computer Gaming World?

Or maybe you’d like to travel back in time and read articles about those 90’s games right at the peak of home console gaming?

Or maybe you’re writing a research paper on one of the most popular hobbies of ALL TIME?

Well, WHO KNEW that South Texas College Library has a database called the Hobbies and Crafts Reference Center that has ALL of that and a lot more!!


Once you’re on the database, click on the Indoor Recreation category link and you can select Video Games to bring you a TON of articles dating back all the way from 1997 to the Present from the best Video Game publications in the country!  PUSH START and have fun!!


Blog post contributed by Ricardo Rosales.