Mission & Values

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Mission Statement

Library Services contributes to academic success at South Texas College by providing learning-centered environments, exceptional services, and high-quality information resources.

Proclamation of Values

In accordance with the South Texas College Code of Ethics and the American Library Association Code of Ethics, the staff at the STC Library Services highlights these values as being of the highest importance to us:

We value Respect

Therefore we strive to:

  • Create an environment of trust
  • Treat others as you want to be treated
  • Value the work that all of our colleagues produce
  • Respect patron needs
  • Respect different opinions and points-of-view
We value Professionalism

Therefore we strive to:

  • Provide equal access to information
  • Respect privacy of patrons and colleagues
  • Treat colleagues and patrons fairly and with respect
  • Use our resources and time wisely and efficiently
We value Communication

Therefore we strive to:

  • Create an environment where everyone feels free to communicate throughout the organization
  • Disseminate important information to all stakeholders in a timely and efficient manner